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DWLC Programs

When you join Doctor's Weight Loss Center (DWLC), you are not just getting a diet... you get a weight loss advocate. A bariatric expert, Dr. Roy Heron is committed to helping you achieve your weight loss goal.

The core of the DWLC program is Dr. Heron's healthy and effective, moderate carbohydrate diet plan, which he began in 1981 (“the Heron Diet”), which includes helpful tips, easy instructions and menu suggestions for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks - including desserts! This is a real food, real satisfaction diet that will not leave you starved or feeling deprived. But DWLC patients agree that it is also the regular, weekly counseling sessions with Dr. Heron that really helps dieters succeed. In addition, DWLC offers the latest technology in body mass analysis (BMI), metabolic rate measurements, SAFE weight loss medication - appetite suppressants and vitamin B-12 injections, for those who need an energy boost. To learn more, Contact Us.