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A. Roy Heron, Jr., M.D.
Medical Director, President, Doctor’s Weight Loss Centers, Inc.
Heron Smart-Lipo Center, LaserBody Sculpting Director

Dr. Heron

Upon completing his residency in Emergency Medicine at Howard University, Dr. Heron studied nutrition and created a moderately low carbohydrate diet in 1981 -- years ahead of the current trends in weight loss. The Department of Agriculture’s new Food Guide Pyramid, developed a plan in 2005 similar to the Heron diet plan, finally validating his (Heron’s) innovative approach to healthy eating. Dr. Heron has prescribed a moderate carbohydrate diet for weight loss and improved health to thousands of patients in Northern Virginia and Southern Maryland. Today, Dr. Heron directs his staff at Doctor’s Weight Loss Centers to counsel, guide and motivate patients of any age to successful and healthy weight loss. Dr. Heron’s program is based on a real food, holistic approach to weight loss. Through a maintenance program, he teaches you how to eat those foods that you love to eat and attain long-lasting weight loss results without regaining your weight.

In 2005, Dr. Heron trained and became one of the first Bariatric Specialists in the country to master the laser procedure for the removal of cellulite utilizing a non-invasive laser. Dr. Heron now offers Smart-Lipo at “Heron Smart-Lipo Center”, the newest Laser Body Sculpting technique in the country, making him the most experienced physician in weight loss, laser liposuction and laser skin sculpting. Dr. Heron is a certified member of the Society of Aesthetics in Medicine in Laser Lipo-suction training.

Despite all his accomplishments, Dr. Heron feels there is no greater personal reward than seeing his patient’s joy as they realize their weight loss goals and achieve the figure that they have desired all their lives.